Action Must be taken

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Action Must be taken

Post  deano on Wed Nov 12, 2008 3:54 pm

Rite, i believe tonights deals involving alves, berba and tevez were done un-fairly.

Im not going to go through all the details... The threads will show all the evidence needed.

Im all for a competitive game and all that, and deals being done on msn... but surely if you are doing a deal on msn... you come up with a agreement and then post it in the transfers, and then both parties confirm, then post it in the transfers completed.

Right... im aware that i didnt go down this route with my deals with sam and tom. But at that moment in time (and still havent), indicated any players up for sale. Therefore it was a private one-to-one deal. I was happy with the money, and deals. So i accepted. Maybe i should have indicated the sale of this... but its not the same case as the berba and tevez and alves deals.

I think the rules need to be clearly stated here now regarding the whole transfer dealing between one-to-ones, and one-to-many parties involved.

Surely also... if both parties agree in the transfer nego... it doesnt need confirming in the transfers completed straight away. Like tonight, i was offline, the deal looked done to me... came on and the player wasnt at lfc.


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