Teamsheet Layout

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Teamsheet Layout

Post  Tom on Thu Nov 20, 2008 3:19 pm

Here is how a teamsheet should look

GK - Goal Keeper

RB - Right Back
CB - Centre Back
CB - Center Back
LB - Left Back

RM - Right Mid
CM - Center Mid
CM - Centre Mid
LM - Left Mid

CF - Centre Forward
CF - Center Forward

S1 - Substitute One
S2 - Substitute Two (On for Centre Back - 65 minutes)
S3 - Substitute Three
S4 - Substitute Four
S5 - Substitute Five (On for Right Mid - 75 minutes)
S6 - Substitute Six (On for Center Forward - 45 minutes)
S7 - Substitute Seven

Free Kicks - Right Mid
Penalties - Center Mid
Left Corners - Left Mid
Right Corners - Right Mid
Captain - Left Back

Obviously you will insert your players name in there - If somebody gets injured I will make an appropriate substitution, if a Keeper is sent off I will look at player ratings and take off your worst player for a sub goalie - if this is not available I will use a centre back.

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